Homeschooling in Utah

And....Here are some other great resources and materials you may want to learn from:
1,000 Good Books
1828 Webster's Dictionary   (a favorite resource)
A-Z Homeschooling Resources
Agency Based Education 
American Heritage School
American Heritage Home and Distance Education
American Homeschool Association
American Youth Leadership Institute
Beacons of Character - True Light Academy
Be Smart - preparing youth for higher education
Charlotte Mason Method
Character Counts - links to relevant websites
Character Journal - Home Life Ministeries
Christ's Ideals for Living - O.C. Tanner 
Classic Books
Cleon Skousen - 
Discover the Scriptures
Encyclopedia of Mormonism  
Father's Role in Education
Foundation for American Christian Education
George Wythe University
Heritage Foundation
Home School Buyers Co-Op 
Home School Legal Defense Association
Home Schooling in Utah  plus other info.
Inspira Project  timelines, maps etc.
Jon's Homeschool Resources
Joseph Smith Academy 
Joy School - mom-run groups for preschoolers
Latter-day Family Homeschooling Resources s
LDS Eastern Home Educators
LDS Home Educators Association 
LDS Homeschooling in CA
LDS National Homeschool Association
Music Classes - Best in Music, Orem, Utah

School of Abraham
Scriptures about Education
Scripture Study Resources 
True Light Academy
Values Parenting - Linda and Richard Eyre
We Must Raise Our Sights - Elder Henry B. Eyring

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  1. I'd love it if you would be willing to add my blog on your list! It's not just about homeschooling, but I do have a free LDS preschool curriculum that I post letter at a time. Thanks!