My children are now all grown so I'm no longer running this blog or the FB group.

But, the FB group is very strong and active and the new admin, Marlene, is incredible.  That's the best way to mingle with or contact Utah Valley Homeschoolers.


  1. Heidi,

    This is Jake with - I noticed the kind words you shared on your site regarding the SonicDad projects. Thank you for the kindly review!

    Are you currently a member of

  2. We offer medieval day camps for home school students/families please look at for more information

  3. Greetings,

    My name is Mick Mergens. My wife and I homeschooled our son until the day he started college, at age 16! At that point, his math skills were so strong, he was hired on as one of the College Math Tutors. He went on earn three college degrees and today he is a full time engineer.

    My wife had her own unique way of teaching math and when I saw how well it worked for our son, I encouraged her to write her entire method in a series of books. I told her to write a curriculum so everyone could teach math the way she did.

    In 2010 my wife, JK Mergens, unveiled her math program and we named it the *Learn Math Fast System*. Since then, it has sold in all 50 US States and 10 other countries, and oh my word! You would not believe the feedback we are getting! People from across the globe are sending emails thanking her for this system! Children who were lost and in tears over math are now enjoying and understanding it for the first time. They tell how they have tried many other curricula, but none of them have worked until the *Learn Math Fast System*. Students are advancing several grade levels in just one year. Search the Internet for independent reviews! These books cover 1st to 11th grade math in a way you've never seen before.

    I'm reaching out to all Educators and Homeschoolers to let them know about the Learn Math Fast System. If you know anyone who is struggling to teach or learn math, please visit our website for all the details.

    Also, be sure to read my wife, JK Mergens' article, "Unlock Your Fidgety Child's Ability to Learn and Focus" in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine to read why she feels the label ADHD should be replaced with a more positive name, such as Active Intellects.

    Thank you for your time,
    ~Mick Mergens

  4. I just wanted to let you know that we are now offering a 12-week homeschool course where boys can earn the Boy Scout NOVA awards. There are four awards based on science, math, engineering, and technology. You can learn more and sign up at the AF Rec Center website under "register for activities" and "homeschool programs." Thanks!