Monday, June 22, 2015

The Climbing Tree - "Meet-Up"

The Climbing Tree Meet Up

Purpose: To learn about available high quality resources to help teach kids STEM and Art.
Attendees: Parents and teachers of K-6 kids.
When: Friday, June 26th, 3-4pm
Where: American Fork Public Library, Conference Room
RSVP: Please email if you plan on attending. Also indicate whether you plan on bringing kids (they are welcome).



  • Joe from The Climbing Tree will invite everyone to introduce themselves
Sharing resources

  • With laptops or mobile device, access The Climbing Tree Meet Up Google Doc. On this document we will take notes so everyone can go home with a list of resources discussed.

  • The Climbing Tree will start off by sharing a high-quality resource and explaining our experience in using it to help teach kids STEM and Art.

  • We go around the room taking turns explaining our favorite one or two resources we’ve used to teach kids STEM and/or Art. We emphasize online resources, but these can be local or other resources as well.

  • Each person sharing should plan on taking about 5 minutes. Sharing is voluntary.
End of formal meeting. Enjoy the food and further network in whatever ways you wish.

About The Climbing Tree: The Climbing Tree is a startup that believes exploring resources you didn’t know you didn’t know can be a powerful thing. We think these Meet Ups provide powerful knowledge sharing and networking in the realm of STEM and Art education for kids.

The Climbing Tree is developing a website that provides a visual way to explore resources for teaching kids STEM and Art. Though the focus of these Meet Ups is to share knowledge with those in attendance, we will also be using the notes from these Meet Ups to help us generate content. This website project is a for-profit venture. However it will most likely provide free access to basic features which we believe will provide great value to parents and teachers.

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