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BEST Homeschooling Books For Sale

Here are some of our FAVORITE Homeschooling (and other) books.  Kids have graduated. We're simplifying. Also included are some of Grandpa's books from his many years of being a University Engineering Professor, Entrepreneur, Educator, Life-long learner.  (We're trying to help him downsize as well.)
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Favorite Books about 'Why' and "How' to Homechool:
Better Late than Early:  A New Approach to Your Child’s Education (Raymond and Dorothy Moore)
The Unschooling Handbook:  How to Use the Whole World as Your Child’s Classroom
The Teenage Liberation Handbook:  How to Quit School and Get a Real Life and Education SOLD
The Successful Homeschool Family Handbook  (Dorothy and Raymond Moore)
Free at Last:  The Sudbury Valley School
Family Matters; Why Homeschooling Makes Sense  (David Guterson)
Dumbing Us Down:  The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling- 2 copies
Dumbing Down our Kids:  Why American Children Feel Good About Themselves But Can’t Read, Write, or Add (Charles Sykes)
Choose to Learn; Teaching for Success Every Day.  (Russell T. Osguthorpe, Lolly S. Osguthorpe)
Insult to Intelligence:  The Bureaucratic Invasion of our Classrooms (and testing) 2 copies
A Place Called School:  Prospects for the Future
Raising Self-Reliant Children in a Self-Indulgent World 
Nobody Don’t Love Nobody: Lessons on Love from the School With No Name
Making Minds Less Well Educated than our Own
The Right Choice, The incredible failure of Public Education and the Rising Hope of Home Schooling, (Christopher Klicka) 

Learning with the Body in Mind: The Scientific Basis for Energizers, Movement, Play, Games and Physical Education
Brain Gym:  Teacher’s Edition (Revised)
The 4Mat System: Teaching to Learning Styles With Righ-Left Mode Techniques
Building on Children’s Strengths:  The Experience of Project Spectrum
Project Spectrum:  Preschool Assessment Handbook
The Learning Revolution:  A Life-Long Learning Program for the World’s Finest Computer Your Amazing Brain
Music and the Mind (Michael Ballam) (audio cassette)
How to Lower Your Fat Thermostat
Color Your Future, Using the Color Code to Strengthen Your Character (Taylor Hartman, Ph.D.)
Discover Your Child's Learning Style; Children Learn in Unique Ways - Here's the Key to Every Child's Learning Success

Mathematics for the Million:  How to Master the Magic of Numbers

About Education and Reform:
The Unschooled Mind; How Children Think & How Schools Should Teach, Howard Gardner 
Closing of the American Mind, An unparalleled reflection on today's intellectual and moral climate.  Allan Bloom
Disrupting Class:  How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns (Clayton Christensen)
The Exhausted School; The First National Grassroots Speakout on the Right to School Choice., Carnegie Hall, NYC
John Locke; Some Thoughts Concerning Education and...Of the conduct of the Understanding.  
Outcome Based Education, Understanding the Truth about Education Reform
The Whole Language OBE Fraud: The Shocking Story of How America is Being Dumbed Down by It’s own Education System-
    (by Samuel Blumenfield)
The End of Education:  Redefining the Value of School, (Neil Postman)
Careers:  A Guide for Parents and Counselors.  (Darryl Laramore) 

Thomas Jefferson on Leadership:  Executive Lessons from His Life and Letters

Noah Plan:
Noah Plan –English Language Curriculum Guide- The Principle Approach ($25.00)
Noah Plan –Mathematics Curriculum Guide – The Principle Approach–k-12 ($25.00)

The Little Prince (Antoine De Saint-Exupery)
The Truth About Sparrows.  (Marian Hale)
Believing Christ, The parable of the bicycle and other good news (Stephen E. Robinson)
Exploring Life Through Literature ($20.00, hardback, 1955)

Preach My Gospel, Large Manual 

America, Freedom:
The Myth of Separation, What is the Correct Relationship between Church and State (David Barton)
Putting Democracy to Work
The Purpose of Education in American Democracy (hardcover)
The Next American Frontier (Robert Reich) 
America: To Pray or Not to Pray; A statistical look at what happened when religious principles were separated from public affairs 
     (by David Barton) 
The Cleansing of America, Cleon Skousen

Write From the Start, Tapping Into Your Child's Natural Writing Ability (Donald Graves, Virginia Stuart)
A Collection of Reading for Writers; A Complete Course in Freshman English, 1949
Writing to Learn; How to Write - and Think - Clearly about any subject at all.  William Zinsser. 
Montessori Books:
The Secret of Childhood (Maria Montessori) SOLD
The Absorbent Mind (Maria Montessori)
Dr. Montessori’s own handbook, (Maria Montessori)
The Montessori Method (Maria Montessori)
The Discovery of the Child (Maria Montessori)
Montessori Today: A Comprehensive Approach to Education (Mari Montessori)
The Joyful Child, Essential Montessori (magazine with products) (free w/purchase)
Child of the World (magazine with listed product ideas) (free with other books)
The Essential Montessori, An Introduction to the Woman, the Writings, the Methoc, and the Movement (Elizabeth G. Hainstock)
Montessori for the New Millenium: Practical Guidance on the Teaching and Education of Children of All Ages, Based on a Rediscovery of the True  Principles and Vision of Maria Montessori

Gifts, Talents, Strengths, Disabilities:
Why give ‘gifts’ to the Gifted?:  Investing in a National Resource
Your Spiritual Gifts can help your Church Grow
Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams:  The 15 Power Secrets of the World’s Most Successful People
Soar with your Strengths:  A Simple Yet Revolutionary Philosophy of Business and Management
Your Natural Gifts:  How to Recognize and Develop them for Success and Self-Fulfillment
They’re Not Dumb: They’re Different:  Stalking the Second Tier (Occassional Paper on Neglected Problems in Science Ed.) 5 copies
Help for the Hopeless Child:  A Guide for Families

Teaching, Learning
How to Tutor (Samuel L. Blumenfeld)
Teaching to the Brain's Natural Learning Systems.  (Barbara K. Given)
All Kinds of Minds:  A Young Student’s Book about Learning Abilities and Learning Disorders
Learning to Learn, 1996
The Teaching-Learning Process, Keystones of Education Series, James L. Kuethe
Teaching as a Subversive Activity, A no-holds-barred assault on outdated teaching methods - with dramatic and practical proposals 
        on how education can be made relevant to today's world.  Neil Postman & Charles Weingartner 
Motivation; Psychological and Educational Implications.  (Melvin H. Marx, Tom N. Tombaugh) 
Teaching Thinking, (Edward de Bono)
Constructivism and the Technology of Instruction:  A Conversation
Conscientious Objections:  Stirring Up Trouble About Language, Technology and Education  (Neil Postman) 
To Think  (Frank Smith) 
Why Read?  (Mark Edmundson) 
Engaging the Online Learner:  Activities and Resources for Creative Instruction 
Entrepreneurship etc.
Innovation and Entrepreneurship, (Peter Drucker)
In China’s Shadow; The Crisis of American Entrepreneurship (Reed Hundt)
The Work of Nations:  Preparing Ourselves for 21st Century Capitalism
The Entrepreneurial Imperative; How America’s Economic Miracle Will Reshape the World)
The World is Flat; A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century (Thomas L. Friedman)
Merit Badge Handbooks “Inventing” – (have 7 of them) 

The Game of Work:  How to Enjoy Work as Much as Play
Influence:  The Psychology of Persuasion

Technology, E-Learning Etc.
147 Practical Tips for Teaching Online Groups; Essentials of Web-Based Education.  (Donald Hanna, Dudka, Runker)
Building Learning Communities in Cyberspace; Effective Strategies for the Classroom.  (Rena M. Palloff, Keith Pratt)
Michael Allen's Guide to e-Learning; Building Interactive, Fun, and Effective Learning Programs for Any Company. 
Designing World-Class E-Learning; How IBM, GE, Harvard Business School, & Columbia University are Succeeding at e-Learning
       (Roger C. Schank, Ph.D.) 2 copies
Building Learning Communities in Cyberspace, (Effective Strategies for the Online Classroom)

Family History
Getting It Right: The Definitive Guide to Recording Family History Accurately. (Mary H. Slawson)


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