Saturday, September 15, 2012

Happenings at Orem City Library

Happenings at the Orem Library:

Mon., Sept. 10-Film Screening: Make Way for Tomorrow (1937) 6:30 pm
Thurs., Sept. 13-Timothy Egan at Orem Reads Kickoff 7:00 pm
Fri., Sept. 14-Dean Duncan Presents: The Dust Bowl on the Silver Screen 7:00 pm
Fri., Sept. 14-Homeschool Back to School Night 7:00 pm
Sat., Sept. 15-Puppet Festival: Puppets in the Park 10:00 am
Sat., Sept. 15-The Story of Stitches 10:00 am

Mon., Sept. 17-Film Screening: Bound for Glory (1976, PG) 6:30 pm
Mon., Sept. 17-Storyteller Bil Lepp 7:00 pm
Tues., Sept. 18-Special Orem Reads Storytime 10:00 am
Tues., Sept. 18-1930's Platter Party: "What's So Bad about Feelin' Good?" 7:00 pm
Wed., Sept. 19-An Introduction to the Dust Bowl 7:00 pm
Thurs., Sept. 20-Library Closed for Annual Maintenance
Fri., Sept. 21-Film Screening: Wild Boys of the Road (1931) 6:30 pm
Sat., Sept. 22-Daughters of the American Revolution 12:30 pm

Orem Library

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