Thursday, August 2, 2012

COUPLES RETREAT - Marriage Counseling

A new TV series is being developed and they asked us to share the message.   If might not be something that any of you are interested in may know of someone who might benefit.
This is the message from them.  Don't contact us on this site for more information - because we don't have any.  :)

"We are doing a positive, family-oriented marriage help docu-reality series in which we have licensed therapists help married couples get back on track in a romantic, relaxing getaway setting.

We are ideally looking to help couples who have not been completely honest with one another, and need to get an honest, fresh start in their relationship. The getaway and program are at no cost to the family, and there will be compensation for the couple, as we know that many will be taking time off work to participate.

Call or e-mail me.

Mark Pomerville
Couples Retreat Marriage Help Program
O. 323-860-6745

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