Tuesday, June 5, 2012

transit of Venus this evening!

Venus is crossing the Sun today and you will not see it again in your lifetime, that's the next transit being 2110s! So you better see it today. Here are tips to see the transit and here is a weather map showing if you will be seeing it. Here are the tips!

Pacific Time - Starts 3:08pm and last through Sunset
Mountain Time - Starts 4:08pm and lasts through Sunset
Central Time - Starts 5:08pm and lasts through Sunset
Eastern Time - Starts 6:08pm and lasts through Sunset

Venus Transit Website Simulator

DO NOT look at it without a solar telescope or protective lenses.

If you have a spotting scope or binoculars, face it to the Sun, have a white piece of paper between the optic and you and you can project an image on the paper, thus seeing Venus crossing the Sun. Any pair of binoculars will work!

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