Monday, June 4, 2012

Still need lots of host families for Japanese exchange

I am forwarding this email – see below - for Lisa and the Japanese exchange program. They really need help this year finding homes for these kids. Please help by either hosting a student or by passing this email on to others who might be able to host. It is an easy and fun program. Just to recap, this is what host families would be committing to: 

-pick the student up on July 24th - in Clearfield 

-keep them safe and as happy as possible - just doing whatever you would normally do as a family - give them a place to sleep - take them with as you would your other kids - feed them what you eat - you don't have to plan anything special - you just fit them in with whatever you would be doing anyway 

-drop them off to go home on August 18th - in Clearfield

It doesn't cost anything, other than the gas money to make the two trips to Clearfield and whatever extra food you would need to feed an extra person for those weeks. They bring their own spending money for extras.
REQUIREMENT: You have to have a child of the same gender who is within two years of their age. (They can be a little lenient on this if you want to host and your oldest child is only 8 years old. In that case, they can stretch it so you can host an 11 year old. If the exchange student is older (18 and up), they can also be lenient on this requirement. )

Another option is to host one of the chaperones. They are adults and can be placed with pretty much anybody. They also only stay for two weeks as they are hosted in two different families for the time that they are here. Their dates are: July 24- Aug 3 and Aug 5-18. 

Thanks! – see Lisa’s email below. Contact Lisa if you are interested: 435-744-5182


From: [
Sent: Monday, June 04, 2012 7:07 AM
Subject: NEED HELP - 35 girls & 24 boys left to place for Japanese exchange summer homestay
Importance: High

Dear Friends,

Wow, I placed 3 girls and 1 boy last week. Still have 35 girls and 24 boys left to place in 6 weeks. That is 59 kids left to place. Not good odds... that means PIE needs to place 10+ a week.

PLEASE consider hosting and PLEASE pass the info along to everyone you know and let them be the judge as to whether they want to host or not...Thanks.

I am again attaching a letter explaining our program and the dates, a list of kids needing host families. I will send a host family application when the families respond with their interest.

Anyone have questions? call me at 435-744-5182 or email me,


Lisa Kent

Premium International Exchange

Placement Coordinator

PS-Thanks to all of you who are hosting and please accept my apologies for the mass emails!

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