Friday, June 8, 2012

Leap Into Love of Learning

Coming 4 September 2012!!!
Moor House Academy 

Leap into the Love of Learning!

A class for children 6-12.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday Mornings from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm.

Conveniently located in Orem, Utah near I-15.

Mentors:  Julia Groves and Donna Goff

Tuition: $250 a month, per student, plus books.

Information and Enrollment Meeting
When: 12 July 2012 at 7:00 pm in Orem, Utah

For those who cannot make the July Meeting – A Information and Enrollment Meeting – 
 Will be on 16 August 2012.

Early Bird Special 20% Off Books if you enroll by 16 August!

The Love of Learning time in a child's development is a time of exposure, experimentation, exploration, and inspiration. Let me explain~ This is not the time for strict curriculum, structure, expectations, and grades. This is the time in a child's development where the magic of learning needs to come to life. The job of the teacher/mentor is not to give lots of assignments, busy work, and pressure. Rather it is to open as many doors to the child as possible, exposing them in small doses to what is out there for them to learn. Then it is time to experiment in doing hands on activities to encourage them to want to learn more. Throughout this process one must pay close attention to the individual child (their needs, their interests, and their developmental abilities.) in order to give the right sort of inspiration needed.

In keeping this class as closely aligned with the Thomas Jefferson Educational principles for this Love of Learning, we will not be using workbooks, curriculum, or busy work. Rather we will be (among other things): 
Power of an Hour Program: 2012 Theme – Power of an Hour Cycle I -- Old Testament and Ancient Times.  Each week we cover Bible stories, art, music, math, science, poetry, history, world geography, US geography, spelling rules, grammar rules, and beginning Hebrew.

On This DayEach day we discuss at least two events that happened that day in history.
Class PresentationsThis is where the students have the opportunity to do a 2–5 minute presentation of the subject of their choice. This allows the children to share with their peers something that they are interested in. In doing so they spread the excitement of learning new things, and they get the experience of public speaking.

Writing: Individually created commonplace books filled with quotes, poems, excerpts from books etc. which each child will make an entry every day to work on his or her penmanship.

Math MattersExperiencing math through the mode of living math– telling time, understanding money, measurements, and activities associated with the reading of books like Mathematicians are People Too Vol. 1 & 2String, Straightedge, and Shadows, and a Cache of Jewels, etc.

Nature Walks and Nature Notebooks: We go on a daily nature walk and then the children come back and draw something they saw on the walk then share it with the class to learn about the world in which we live.

Picture Studies: (Charlotte Mason Style), art appreciation, and hands on art experimentation.

Classics Reading Time: We will enjoy the classics together and talk about what we are learning. (also every child will have the opportunity to pick a book to take home to read with their family, and then come back and share with the class).

Book of Centuries and a Book of NationsWe will be creating and using these for our geography and history studies.

The Student TeacherThe children take turns being our assistant for the day. In addition to helping us throughout the class day, the student teacher gets to pick one topic (ahead of time) for us to learn about in class that day.

**This is just a sampling of what we intend to expose your children to during the next two months. As we see the needs/interests of the children these programs are subject to be modified accordingly.

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  1. The information meeting will be the 26th at 7pm. We are really excited to offer this class. Contact us for directions!