Tuesday, June 5, 2012

FreedomProject Education - Online Open house June 7th

From a local homeschooling mom: "We tried the Latin class from this school. It was very good. My son enjoyed it a lot. The cost is low for a private school."

Freedom Project Education

Where the American education system has dropped the ball on teaching the constitutional basics, JBS affiliate, the American Opinion Foundation, picks up. It has successfully created a Pre-K to Grade 12 online curriculum through FreedomProject Education (FPE).

To help create the educated electorate that founder Robert Welch envisioned as the solution to America's ills, "Teaching students how to think and not what to think" is a motto painted on the sides of both of FPE's vans now seen regularly crisscrossing the country attending 50+ conventions this year.
Rising out of humble beginnings, FPE's full curriculum now has the teaching support of more than 200 staff professors and adjunct faculty, a vast majority carrying advanced degrees (Ph.D; MA; JD; DD) in their disciplines, accounting for nearly 1,500 years of teaching experience.

The curriculum is delivered using cutting edge online technology that anyone with a computer and high speed Internet connection can tap into. After their first full semester, endorsements from students and parents are pouring in.

This Thursday, FPE is throwing open its online doors and inviting anyone to attend its Live Online Open House, scheduled from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. (CST). If you know of anyone interested in furthering their children's education, be sure to invite them to the open house.

During the open house, parents and students may click on any class—from Pre-Kindergarten through High School—and speak live with the teacher of that class. Ask questions about the assignments, the class and the requirements.

FPE has arranged a special 25% discount for those who sign up for classes before July 2. Simply visit www.FPEUSA.org to learn more and to attend the open house on Thursday.

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