Thursday, June 7, 2012

A favorite Children's book

In a house full of wonderful books, this book has been the most requested one from all the kids. I love it's message. The child presents different scenarios (such as if I broke the window with a baseball), would you still love me? The parent explains the consequences of each action, & then assures the child that they would of course still love them. The book ends with the parent asking the child if they make rules (tied into the story such as not letting them throw the baseball at the window), would the child still love the parent.
This book has prompted so many conversations with the kids. It seems to really reassure them that no matter what they do, while there will be consequences, they will still be loved. Out of my hundreds of picture books, this is one of the few "must have's".
It is currently only $.69 used on amazon!  

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