Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ceramics Classes

Curio Clayworks Ceramics Classes 

We offer couples classes that provide togetherness activities for all ages. Have a unique bonding experience with your toddler or young child at our Mommy and Me Class (dads and grandparents are welcome too, of course). Or, enjoy a special date and reconnect with a spouse or loved one at our Couples Class.

Art lovers that want a taste of ceramics will find our Hand Building Class a treat as we cover the three hand building techniques. For blossoming artists who want to immerse themselves in clay, we have a Beginning Ceramics Course that meets weekly and covers both hand building and wheel throwing methods.

For the student that is ready to delve deep into ceramics with extended hands on study of hand building and wheel throwing techniques, we have one-on-one Private Lessons to give serious, aspiring artists individual learning opportunities. As an extension of our courses and private lessons, we offer Open Studio Sessions that provide extra, uninstructed practice time for current students.

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