Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Utah Patriot Camps

Registration open for Utah Patriot Camps in Pleasant Grove and Cache County.  The camps filled up quickly last year so don't wait to register!

They are also looking for some volunteers still for this years camp.

We are still looking to fill some of the positions for our Patriot Camp. We are especially looking for some creative people who like to put short performances together—like a song, a rap, a news broadcast that will reinforce the something the campers learned during the week or even represent their love for America. If you are willing to teach a class or help in another way, please email me and let me know. If you have someone who might be interested in participating, please forward this email. We still need a few more teenage volunteers. The camp is scheduled for June 25-29 in Pleasant Grove at Stone Gate. The cost is $45 per child but $35 for those who volunteer. I have attached the schedule of classes and below is a list of additional positions we need.

Learning Station Assistant (15)
Craft Station Assistant (5)
Snack Station Assistant (5)
Sponsor Coordinator
Public Relations Manager
Decoration Designer
Costume Coordinator
Flag Ceremonies
Paul Revere & Benjamin Franklin

To answer some questions that have been put to me about Patriot Camp:

The camp runs Monday - Friday, 9:30 am to 12 noon.

The ages for campers are 1st to 6th grade which could be 5-11 or 6-12. As the parent you can tell if your child will be able to handle the camp.

Campers are divided by age into six groups and rotate through six stations. Three learning stations and one craft station, one refreshment station, and one activity station.

Youth older than 12 can be youth leaders. Each group of campers have at least two youth leaders with them, so the youth leaders are participating along with the campers.

Please let me know if there are any other questions I can answer.


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