Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Summer classes at Kimber Academy

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Lots of fun classes here.  Painting, survival, mad scientist, tons more.  My son has taken the mad scientist class & enjoyed it.    Registration closes June 3.

I am teaching the RADkids class.  To me, it's a "must take" class for my son.  (as of right now the dates listed on the radkids class is wrong; the class is actually scheduled for July 9-12).  Radkids also has free return to their classes for your child anywhere in the country until they turn 13!  Most kids have access to this program through public school, but I certified so our homeschooled students could get this excellent program.

A national nonprofit (501c3) educational organization, radKIDS®, Inc. is committed to providing proven and effective life saving skills to children by teaching them how to "ResistAggression Defensively."  
Course Description:  Calling 911, running to safety, tricks, who is a stranger, school safety, home safety, fire safety, bike, vehicle, out & about safety, good & bad touch, physical self defense skills.  Everything is taught & then practiced in drills.  Pads are used to practice self defense moves.   Children all over the country (including Utah) have used these skills to escape from would-be abductors.

Cost is $47.  Call 801.636.9187  to register.  Registration closes June 3.

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