Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Music summer camps

To those of you who believe in the power of music like I do...

My husband and I have just launched Brigham's School of Music<http://www.brighamsschoolofmusic.com>at our piano
store <http://www.brighamspianos.com> in Pleasant Grove. We would love to share with music-minded families. We have something for everyone ages 0-99.
Coming up in June we have summer camps <http://brighamsschoolofmusic.com/?page_id=27> for Way Cool Keyboarding for Kids (7-10) and Teens (11-14). These would be for piano beginners and your kids would LOVE IT!!!!!!

We are also offering group lessons for Adult piano
beginners<http://brighamsschoolofmusic.com/?page_id=52>that are using an exciting curriculum that is sweeping the nation and promoting recreational music making and wellness. (isn't it great when kids in lessons see their parents at the piano too?)

Coming up in June we'll start Let's Play Music<http://brighamsschoolofmusic.com/?page_id=7>(2-4 year olds).
July we start offering Kindermusik<http://brighamsschoolofmusic.com/?page_id=11>(0-7 year old)

And the really exciting part....is our upcoming Homeschool Music Club<http://brighamsschoolofmusic.com/?page_id=161>

We also have private lessons for piano and voice.

We want to offer a *20% tuition reduction* to homeschool families (mention this e-mail) and we also offer an *additional 25% discount for siblings*.  As homeschoolers for 8 years now, we know how expensive curriculum,
classes, mentors, lessons and everything we want to offer is. It can add up. Nonetheless... we are confident that your investment in music will return worthwhile dividends and *music lasts a lifetime*!!

I will also offer *some free scholarships* for a few students each semester. We also have some options for *trade*, referral incentives, package deals or making payments.

*Call me* or e-mail if you want to hear more details or to discuss your situation. I would love to help you get creative on how you can bring more music into your home and have your family gather around the piano more

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