Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Host families needed

These students are coming and they don’t have families for them yet. If you can host, please contact Lisa at p.i.e._llk@q.com .

It is a great opportunity and the time goes by quickly so if you are still thinking, “maybe…” why not just try it. Look at the list of kids and see if you find one that would fit with your family and open your home to them for these few weeks. J 

If you know of anyone else who might be interested, please forward this email. They really need to find more host families soon so these kids have somewhere to stay.


Dear Friends,

We still have quite a few youth awaiting host families this year. Our dates for our summer program are July 24-August 18. I am attaching...

1) a letter that explains our summer program

2) a list of boys and girls awaiting homes

3) a host family application

We still have the following...


July 24-Aug 18

11 yrs - 2

12 yrs - 12

13 yrs - 13

14 yrs - 3

15 yrs -1

16 yrs - 1

July 28-Aug 18

11 yrs - 1

13 yrs - 1

15 yrs - 1

16 yrs -1

Aug 1-18

16 yr - a


July 24-Aug 18

11 yrs - 2

12 yrs - 6

13 yrs - 5

14 yrs - 3

15 yrs - 2

16 yrs - 3

July 28-Aug 18

10 yrs - 1

11 yrs - 1

July 31 - August 18

21 yrs - 1

We also have chaperones waiting for home. Their dates are July 24 - Aug 3 & Aug 5 - 18.

If you are interested please send me your top THREE choices (Name & Number) in order of preference and I will reserve them for you. Please fill out the host family application and email it back to me. Please make sure your Acrobat Readaer is up to date and if you have a MAC just email me your family picture and I will attach it for you.

Thanks for looking and being willing to host. PLEASE pass this info along as we would like to find host families for these kids quickly.

Thanks again!

Lisa Kent

Premium International Exchange

Placement Coordinator 

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  1. The insight and flexibility gained through hosting helps to prepare host families for our fast-changing, multicultural world. With this awareness comes an increased tolerance of the differences between people and a heightened appreciation of the similarities.