Monday, May 28, 2012

Homeschool Lagoon Day

I have scheduled a Lagoon Day for Monday, July 2nd, 2012. It is scheduled under 'Salt Lake Valley Homeschoolers' but it is open to homeschoolers and friends from any area. We will have Juniper Terrace reserved for our group so you have a place to leave your lunch/items. I have vouchers that I will send out that allow admission for a discounted price. This is convenient since if weather is inclement or something comes up, people are not out any $$.
Lagoon's regular ticket prices are $44.95 +tax & our vouchers will give us the discounted price of $33.95 + tax. Lagoon is also running their bounce-back program. Be sure to have your ticket validated while you are there on July 2nd to allow you to return for $11+ tax once in the next 10 days. 
Contact me at alimay@earthlink. net with your address & to let me know how many vouchers you would like.
I will confirm I have received your email & will mail them to you.

Lagoon - SL Valley Homeschoolers
Monday, July 2nd
11am - 10pm
Juniper Terrace
$33.95 + tax/person with $11 + tax 'bounce-back' option once in next 10 days
Email # of vouchers needed & snailmail address to alimay@earthlink. net. 

(FYI – If you need a lower price, but likely the accompanying larger crowds, they also mentioned that there would be a 2-for-1 offering to the public, August 19 – 24th.)


Memorial Day Weekend savings! You can purchase 2 to 3 tickets for only $39.95 + tax each, purchase 4 to 5 tickets for only $32.50 + tax each, or purchase 6 to 12 tickets for only $29.00 + tax each.

Click Here or visit and enter the promotional code MayFun to purchase your tickets online now!
Discount valid Saturday, Sunday, and Monday May 26-28, 2012 only. 

Weather and other factors permitting

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