Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Free classes this weekend

I'll be speaking this weekend. This speech will have an LDS focus. We'd love to have you. Friends and family are welcome too.

Saturday, June 2, 2012 from 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Would you like to live with peace, joy, clarity and connection no matter your circumstances?
Would you like to find Confidence and Clarity in an Unsure World?
Did you know that changing a few moves could increase your relationships?

Join us June 2 with our guest Mindy Heath for more clarity and confidence building ideas. These will be actual tools you can bring home that day to help increase your family relationships. We look forward to seeing you!

Tresta Neil = Instilling Confidence and Clarity in Your Children in an Unsure World
Mindy Heath = How to Feel Joy and Connection Every Day!
Thom Neil = What Your Body Language Says Effects Your Relationships

How To Live With Peace, Joy and Connection Every Single Day!
Do you ever feel like you are doing all the "right" things but getting all the "wrong" results? Are you sometimes just going thru the motions but not really feeling love, passion and joy as a wife and mother? In fact, do you know you are a child of God but have trouble feeling it? You're not alone! We know we are children of God, that Heavenly Father loves us and what He wants for us. I know you can SAY it, but do you FEEL it? Do you truly know who YOU are? Do you know who He created you to be? Do you know your purpose on this earth, your passion? Do you even feel worthy of His love? Often we are doing all the "right" things yet we feel inadequate, overwhelmed and not sure how to change it. Living with peace, joy and connection in all areas of your life is possible for you! In fact often when we don't feel peace and joy it's not for a lack of trying but a lack of knowledge. Living with peace and joy is a matter of specific principles, paradigms and tools. Come learn:
-how to get clear on who God created you to be and how to feel His love daily
-how to live with peace, joy, clarity and connection no matter your circumstances
-the ways we give away our power and create our own suffering and how to stop it NOW!
-what is truly going on in our heads and how to get control over our fears and insecurities

Mindy Heath is a joyful wife and mother of four who has been also been home schooling for 12 years. With a degree from BYU in Family Sciences and a passion for helping women discover their worth and live their truth, Mindy has been inspiring others through one on one mentoring, writing and public speaking for 7 years. Personally she has dealt with and overcome health, financial, self worth, relationship and other struggles. Through her personal learning and healing she has learned how to live joyfully every single day no matter what challenges arise. Her passion is showing others to do the same. Mindy is the creator ofLivingtheJoyfulLife.com and with her dear husband HealingMarriages.com
Tresta Neil is happy wife and hip mother of eight. She has been homeschooling since her first was born, 18 years ago. With two college degrees she felt unsure and not very smart, it was through homeschooling her children that she gained the confidence and the intelligence she now feels. She has come through some tough situations like eight very itchy pregancies, living in a two bedroom basement apartment with eight children for eight years and her son receiving a liver transplant. She has learned how to be happy and hip through it all and is passionate about sharing what she has learned with others that may be going through similar things. Tresta is the founder and creator of KeystoneEd.com and with her husband Center Point Events.
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