Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Free body language class

Body language makes up 57% ofcommunication. What is it that your body movements are telling your students? Wouldyou like to improve communication in the classroom and at home? Would you liketo reach your students and children more clearly? Do you want to connect betterwith people, students, parents, and your family?

Come to our Body Language Show taught by Carol Mangels
Thursday, May 10 7-8:30pm

Kimber Academy 
610 S. Mill Pond Road
Lehi, Utah

Negativ ebody language tells others:

I don't want help
I want bad things to happen to me
Don’t listen to me
Argue with me
Fight with me
Talk down to me
Stay away from me

Positive body language tells others: 

Support me
Be on my team
Create success with me
Help me achieve my best
Hug me
Respect me
I am strong

You can IMPROVE the messages that you are sending. You can INCREASE the level of education in your classroom. You can see where you are stuck in relationships with yourself, your family, your students, and even in spiritual matters. 

At this FREE class, you will learn Body language Indicators that will help you ask the right questions so you know what and how to make adjustments. 
KimberAcademy 610 S. Mill Pond Rd. Lehi UT 801.636.9187

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  1. tank you for your post.you are talking abou free cllass of Body language .it is a good idia.