Thursday, May 3, 2012

Discount EMT training for homeschoolers

Huge discount for homeschoolers wanting to be EMT trained!

Could you saved someone's life, perform CPR, save the infant from choking , if called upon? What if that someone was someone you love, your child , your spouse. Or Will you remain helpless praying that the ambulance will show up in time. Don't be a victim. Take charge and receive the medical training that you and your family deserves by signing up for EMT training. 

You can receive this training from You will be in the same class with students earning their EMT certificate. This class is normally offered at $900, but through the homeschool network, we are offering this class for $500. 

If you would like to go on and get certified with the state, you will be qualified and will have received the 120 hours mandatory for this certificate. Just pay the state fee and take their test, which are you will be well prepared for. So sign up today. Class begins May 14.

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