Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Center Point Event

Have you ever asked yourself:
Am I teaching my child everything he needs to know before he leaves home?
What is the "right" thing for this child?
What does she need now in order for her to be a great mother in the future world?
Is he well equipped to go out on his own?
Where are the instructions? - Believe it or not there are  instructions!

We asked ourselves these same questions and spent years finding the 
answers, mainly through trial and error. We have discovered a formula 
that has brought great clarity to these answers and we want to share 
it with you!

Join us May 12 for this free event from 9:30-1:30 and discover the 
simplicity of the answers. Learn the most important thing your child 
should know; the formula for raising spiritual, successful children; 
and the tool or framework for helping children and adults do what they 
are "suppose to" do.

Also, Tresta will be teaching about the divided number two. Discover 
how the Fall happened and how it was apart of the plan. How working 
with the natural laws will help you in teaching and learning with your 
children. Learn how and why opposition was exactly what "the 
physician" ordered.
To register for this free event go to:

With increasing light and learning,
Tresta Kay Neil, The Creative Mathematician,

With increasing light and learning,
Tresta Kay Neil,

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