Monday, April 16, 2012

Shake out earthquake drill for homeschoolers!

OK everyone, this is cool. I have been talking with the manager at:

***Fresh Market at 12600 S. and Redwood Road***

about doing something for homeschoolers because we don't have a school like all the school kids at which to do a drill. And, yes, just ducking under a table at home for 60 seconds is way too boring for any of us to bother with. Of course, they had to go through all the layers of management to decide what they could do and they had to pull something together in only a couple of weeks so it's not a full-blown, supervised drill on a large scale but at least they are supporting us!

So here's the deal. A notice is at the top of the page on one of their ads this week, inviting the public to join them for the drill

***at 10:15 a.m. next Tuesday (April 17th)***.

The ad isn't specifically directed to hs'rs but it is because of us that they are doing it. I would be so gratified if a bunch of hs'rs showed up to do a little shopping at Fresh Market - just la de da, here we are shopping and, oh my gosh, we are having an earthquake. There are a bunch of handouts on earthquake preparedness as well as a bunch of kids activity sheets that they actually made up for us. Take what you need.

At 10:15, they will (probably) broadcast the sound effects recording so we can hear the rumbling and such. (They'll most likely announce it shortly before so shoppers who actually want to leave can step outside for it.)

Bone up between now and then on what to do during an earthquake. Where do you duck and cover in a big building rather than at home? Home is easy but the stores (where we could very possibly be at the time of an earthquake) aren't so easy. Think about it. Try to get out the front doors? With all that glass? Squat down in the aisles? With all the cans that will fall on you? Look for exterior walls? Find an open bit of floor? Find a load-bearing support and stay near it? Hope you are in the chips aisle?

The audio lasts about 40 seconds - a long time in a fright like a quake. When it's over, go through the motions of checking with your kids and other people to ask if they are OK or get help. Maybe we could make up injuries and see how we all react?!? This'll really be fun, I think, and a real eye-opener. It's surprising how effective a mock disaster can be in raising your consciousness of situations.

Following the drill, it would be really fun to caravan up to the Geologic View Park at 9800 S and Wasatch Blvd to see earthquake evidence on the hillsides and then take sack lunches and go for a hike to a little lake that was formed by earthquakes. If you want to go, just don't buy stuff that has to be refrigerated so we can go straight there.

PLEASE REPLY to this posting if you think you'll be going to the drill at Fresh Market. If a lot of people say they are going to participate, I'm going to plan a surprise.

We are so looking forward to seeing a bunch of hs'rs on Tuesday. Fresh Market is sad that they couldn't put together a fancy "full dress rehearsal" for us but we just got to talking about it too late and there are too many factors to plan such an event. But this will be really fun.

See ya Tuesday,
Kaitlyn and Erik

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