Saturday, April 14, 2012

Leonardo Museum offers free membership to homeschool educators
My son loved this museum, we stayed for hours!  His favorite things were the stop motion animation stations (very kid friendly & lots of supplies), & the green screen.  He also liked the art section where kids can make art work.  I thought the prosthetic limbs you could strap on & try walking with was very interesting.  And there is a lot more!  This museum is a much better experience when it's not crowded, which is great for homeschoolers!  When we were there between 12-2 pm on a weekday, we were almost the only ones there.

The Leonardo is also very homeschool friendly.  They will give homeschoolers the same field trip discounts as public schools with no hassle ($4 each with 12 students, a significant discount off the regular price).  The man who was in charge of the animation station when we were there had been homeschooled.  And now they're offering FREE Educator Memberships. These special memberships are available to all educators currently employed by Utah K-12 institutions, as well as all homeschool educators.  This means you take in proof of homeschooling (such as your affidavit), & can get a membership for 1 adult worth $45.  Or they also give you the choice to apply that $45 towards another kind of membership, such as a family membership.
If you have questions you can email

Nov. 2015
IMPORTANT Update from the Leonardo on the previous information:
├ŽEducator memberships are available to K-12 and homeschool educators *only if* they participate in one of our educational programs, i.e. field trips, educator workshops or educator exhibit previews. Even with that restriction, I think it’s a great offer! Additional information can be found here:"  


  1. Thank you for this information. I'm excited to visit the museum. I can't wait to start up full time homeschooling in the fall! We've been doing part time homeschooling this year and haven't had time for field trips.

  2. Glad to be of help. We'd love your feedback on any of these items - if you ever feel to do so! Thank you!