Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Homeschool farm tour

There is a new Community Sponsored Agriculture (CSA) farm in NE Provo that has scheduled homeschool openhouse tours this week on Fri, April 20 and again Sat, April 21 from 11am-1pm on both days. They'll show how a huge, organic, greenhouse garden can survive & thrive all year long right here in Utah.
They really want families to have the experience of planting, growing & harvesting on a large scale... our kids have planted over 1000 pots of arugula, edible flowers & herbs along with 400+ green onions and still beg to play in the dirt daily.
Check out their excellent 90-second clip at www.lanayferme.com
If you're interested in purchasing shares for their fresh produce, they will work with the homeschool community on up-front costs. Families that purchase shares will be given the opportunity to come to the farm weekly and volunteer in trade for even more food - my family has gone twice a week for about a month and the bags we bring home are incredible!
The farm is north of East Lawn Cemetery (4800 N East Lawn Drive). Go up the driveway and follow the road right toward the green houses.

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