Friday, April 20, 2012

Home school for Music Rock Stars

Kaisie here: Hi, Friends! I am so happy to introduce you to my friend, Jhonny K. He has put together an incredible music experience for our homeschool community. He loves kids and youth and is a true mentor!..check it out:

Welcome to Jhonny K's Home School for

Music Rock Stars!

This summer program is all about helping your kids understand and love music, work with a group environment to learn music, and to have a blast while doing it. Jhonny K has 20+ years background in life coaching and teaching music along with being a Nashville Recording Artist and music/vocal producer. He also worked with troubled youth as a counselor in Chicago, IL and St. George, UT. He is very familiar with kids, keeping things fun and moving, while inspiring the youth to become better.

At the end of this 3 month program, your kids will be taught in 5 key areas and will be ready to put on a "Rock Star" show for their family and friends.


The 3 month Rock Star Program focuses on 5 areas:

1-Music Theory

2-Confidence Building/Emotional Processing Power of Music

3-Performing Music with a Group or Individually

4-Vocal Technique

5-Songwriting and Composing Original Music

Locations and Times

Jhonny K teaches to classes of 3 age groups, 7-10, 11-14, 15-17 year olds in Bountiful, Provo/Orem, Daybreak/Herriman, and Sandy/Midvale. He has usually 10-15 kids in each class with a maximum of 20 per class.

Monday Afternoon-Daybreak/Herriman

Tuesday Afternoon-Sandy/Midvale

Wednesday Afternoon-Bountiful

Thursday Afternoon-Provo/Orem

1-2 PM- 7-10 year olds

2-3 PM- 11-14 year olds

3-4 PM- 15-17 year olds


Jhonny K was home schooled as well and loves to give discounts for families with multiple children. Jhonny K usually charges 75$ for one on one sessions. You can pay either for a month at a time, or pay up front for the whole 3 month program. When you pay for the whole program up front, you get a 10% discount over all. 

Prices below are for every child involved, so for instance if you have 3 kids and they all want to take lessons for the 3 month program, you would pay either $96 a month and that is for all 3 kids, OR pay $260 for the whole 3 month program which covers all 3 kids for the entire 3 month program.

Group prices are below (discounts included for paying up front)

1 kid X $12.50 per lesson X 4 lessons a month =$50 
1 kid up front 3 month program for $135

2 kids X $9 per lesson X 4 lessons a month=$72 
2 kids up front 3 month program for $195

3 kids X $8 per lesson X 4 lessons a month=$96 
3 kids up front 3 month program for $260

4 kids X $7 per lesson X 4 lessons a month=$112
4 kids up front 3 month program for $300

5 kids X $6 per lesson X 4 lessons a month $120
5 kids up front 3 month program for $325

Any more kids then that please get in touch with me in the tab up top that says "Contact Jhonny K"

PLEASE CALL ME AT 801-638-3493

After you enroll, please include your phone number so I can call and talk with you about your kids individually. Locations will be emailed to you!

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