Saturday, April 28, 2012

Free kids bowling

Last year we signed up all our kids (18 and under) for the free bowling and my kids had a great time. It is a program put on by All Star Lanes and allows the kids 2 games of bowling free from May 15- Aug 31. It's absolutely free to bowl but you will either need your own bowling shoes or you can rent them there. They also had a deal where you buy a 'shoe pass' for $16.00 that gave you rentals for the whole summer.
I watched for bowling shoes at the DI and found enough pairs for our family. They do have to be actual bowling shoes for them to allow you to use them on their floors. Regular shoes leave an oil on the floor that ruins their floor and makes it harder for those after you to bowl.
They also have an adult pass that goes with the kids bowl. For $24.95 you can have 2 games per day all summer for no additional cost. It's good for 4 adults.
Here's the link to sign up. You have to pick which location is closest to you. kidsbowlfree dot com (if the link doesn't work type this in your browser)
Let me know if you have questions. Hopefully it's something I can answer. LOL

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