Friday, April 13, 2012

Curriculum Fair

5th Annual Homeschool Curriculum Fair!

Got extra curricula or educational supplies you no longer use?  Sell
them at the 5th Annual Homeschool Curriculum Fair!

Anyone is welcome to buy or sell items, it's a great way to get money
for curriculum you are done with and to purchase items for next year!

Get a seller number, read the pricing guidelines, price your stuff and
then drop off your books Wednesday, May 30th from 1-3.  (You can make
other arrangements if needed.)  The sale is Thurs, May 31; Fri June 1
& Sat June 2 (half price day!)  See more details below.

Location: (Easy access from the University Parkway exit in Orem)
The Millers Barn
1074 S. Main St.
Orem, Utah

You can park on the street, or you can park at the park next to their
house, which you can reach by turning on the road just north of the
Millers home.  You can come in through the side gate, and bring your
books straight into the barn.

Here is how it works in a nutshell:

Sellers price their stuff at home and bring it over before the sale.
Sellers will need to volunteer for about 2 hours at some point before,
during or after the sale.  Please call me and let me know when you can
help.  This is on the website, but I thought I would put it in the
email, in case you don't visit the site because you've sold before,
and may have forgotten.  :)

Volunteers sort all the items by category. On the day of the sale, we
set up tables and place everything out in categories so everything is
easy to find. Sellers don't have to stay with their items.

We rely on volunteers to help sort, and volunteers get first shopping
times for first picks. When items are sold, we remove the tags to keep
track of everything. After the sale, we add up everything that is sold
for each seller and mail their payment. We also re-sort all the items
and then sellers can come pick up any leftover items after the sale,
or leave them and donate them.  Sellers are charged a small commission
fee.  This year, this will go towards youth raising money to attend a
service trip with Charity Anywhere.  Charity Anywhere is a non-profit
and we can provide a charitable donation receipt upon request.

Sellers, you DO need a seller number, so email Melissa for one. You aren't
obligated to sell anything if you do get a number, though. If you sold
last year, your number will be the same (email if you can't remember

We hope to make this sale the biggest and best yet!

Feel free to forward this to other homeschool lists or anyone you
think may be interested.

Read the detailed information first:
If you have questions, contact Melissa  at or Molly at

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