Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cooking class

Lately my kids are really interested in learning how to cook and bake. I'm
thinking about offering a cooking class this summer, starting in June and
running for 6-8 weeks. I'd like for my kids to make some friends in the
area. Each week we'll learn about different types of foods and different
techniques and actually cook something start to finish and the eat it. I'm
thinking 6-10 year olds. There will be a minimum cost to cover the
ingredients but I'll keep it as low as possible, this is just about
learning and making friends. We live in an apartment so the class can't be
too big. Anyway, the idea is just coming together so if you're interested
in more info email me and let me know and I'll keep you updated. We live in
West Jordan, on New Bingham Highway.


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