Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Homeschool FAIR - June 2012

32nd Annual Convention and Curriculum Fair

We are excited to announce a new location for our 2012 Convention and Curriculum Fair!! This event will be held at the brand new Utah Valley Convention Center in Provo.
Mark your calendars for June 8 - 9, 2012. Convention will be a two-day event with workshops beginning Friday afternoon. Catherine Levison will be our featured adult keynote speaker with James Ure as our teen keynote speaker.
Catherine Levison, mother of five, has homeschooled since the 1980's and is the author of five books. Catherine's extensive research and implementation of the Charlotte Mason method of education began over twenty years ago. She is a popular international speaker among homeshooling audiences.
Catherine's titles are, A Charlotte Mason Education--A Home Schooling How-To Manual and it's sequel More Charlotte Mason Education.  Her third homeschooling title is, A Literary Education--An Annotated Book List. Other works include the important nonfiction book: No One Ever Asked Me That; Conversations on the Afterlife.
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Beauty and Belief: Crossing Bridges with the Arts of Islamic Culture

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Unique in its approach, this exhibition offers access to Islamic culture, providing ‘a view from within’ by project director, Dr. Sabiha Al Khemir. As an introduction to the arts of Islamic culture, this exhibition inspires both the general public and the specialist. Beauty and Belief poses the question [...]


This is a new site that will list a variety of resources for Utah Valley Homeschooling Families.  We welcome those who would like to be added as 'authors' on here and who can also share additional resources with all other homeschooling families.

Thanks for all you do!  It's great to have the opportunities to home school!